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Our team has good relationships with Bosnia’s top financial institutions. Through our internal digital platform, we can provide you with updates on your progress as well as ongoing support.

Types of bank account

Personal and corporate bank accounts are the two main types of bank accounts.

Like the rest of the world, you can create a personal account for yourself and use it for personal purposes. If you need a bank account for business purposes, you should know that a personal account cannot be used for business purposes, so you’ll need to register a corporation and open a corporate account.

Personal bank account

We assist you in opening a personal account in Bosnia and supplying the necessary documents. You can rely on us for promptness, accuracy, and timely delivery.

Corporate bank account

Our team will open a corporate bank account for you. Clients and employees are more likely to trust you as a firm when you handle and receive payments through a corporate bank account.

Trading bank account

Our team can assist you in opening a trading bank account in a timely and cost-effective manner.


In Bosnia and Herzegovina, non-residents can open a bank account. They are given a card that is connected to an electronic banking system and tied to a specific account. Accounts held by non-residents are not required to be disclosed to the Central Bank and are not subject to government oversight.

When a business is formed, the minimum share capital of 2 000 EUR is paid out right away (for LLCs).

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