Business support solutions in Bosnia

We handle all aspects of office and administrative work required to run a business, allowing you to focus on what you enjoy or need to do to expand your company.

Company registration

Register Limited Liability Company, Branch Office, Holding Company or Joint Stock Company in Bosnia with our assistance:


Our accounting services include statutory financial accounting, annual reports, financial statements, explanatory notes, corporate tax computations on a value-added tax basis, as well as counseling and corporate services.


We assist you in selecting the best bank for your business because each company is unique and requires unique circumstances to succeed. We can also assist you in setting up bank communication and preparing any required bank paperwork.

Tax solutions

We assist organizations to address the challenges of multi-jurisdictional tax operations, including compliance, reporting, and risk management for direct and indirect taxes, using our consulting, technology, and outsourcing expertise.

Business in Bosnia

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a high-income country that has made significant progress since the mid-1990s. The emerging economy of the European country, Bosnia and Herzegovina is a great place to set up a business. It is not only rich in natural resources, but it is also conveniently placed in Europe, connecting key trade hubs like Germany. In addition to this, the country, as part of Europe has free trade agreements that allow for exports and tax benefits for investors.

Doing business

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