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Our team of chartered accountants and tax practitioners places a high priority on aiding our clients in accurately estimating and arranging their taxes payable so that future liabilities are avoided.

Focus on running your business while we take care of your monthly and annual tax returns. Allow us to handle everything for you. We provide professional tax advice and solutions to help our customers reduce their tax costs while keeping compliant with the law in today’s complicated tax environment.

Tax solutions in Bosnia

We offer businesses, individuals, and organizations tax strategy, planning, and compliance services, as well as a wide range of business consulting services.

We use our extensive knowledge and experience to identify appropriate alternatives where they are needed to ensure optimal tax efficiency in your business.

Tax optimization

Our tax optimization experts use their legislative knowledge to show you how intersections might benefit you – and to help you create a clear route forward for your business.

We are well-versed in tax regulations and can help you decipher your invoices, bills, and notices.

Tax consultation

We assist our clients with a wide range of tax planning and preparation decisions, focusing on solutions that reduce tax bills, increase cash flow, and keep you on pace to meet your financial objectives.

Our knowledge, experience, analysis, and careful research enable us to maximize the financial benefits of existing and recently changed tax regulations.

VAT registration

We help you create and file your VAT registration application. We also guide you through filling out the forms.


We provide expert bookkeeping services to guarantee that your books and software are properly set up, connected, and help you make sensible business decisions.

As you develop, we’ll continue to scale up our support to meet your needs.

Applying for tax return

Regardless of the complexity of your return, you can rely on our staff to provide you or your organization with compliance, high-quality, cost-effective tax preparation services.

Register as a taxpayer

We can assist you in obtaining a registration form and guiding you through the application process.

Our services are simple to use and dependable.

System of taxes and fees in Bosnia

Bosnia and Herzegovina’s taxation system comprises both federal and local taxes. In 2013, tax revenue in Bosnia and Herzegovina accounted for 28.6% of GDP. The income tax, Social Security payments, business tax, and value-added tax are the most important revenue streams, all of which are applied at the federal level.

Corporate income tax

The corporate income tax rate in Bosnia and Herzegovina is a tax levied on businesses. Its value is determined by the net income firms earn while conducting business, usually for a single fiscal year. The standard rate is 10%

Sales tax

The sales tax rate in Bosnia and Herzegovina is a tax levied on consumers based on the purchase price of specified goods and services. The Sales Tax Rate generates a significant amount of revenue for Bosnia and Herzegovina’s government.

The rate is 17%.

Personal income tax

The Personal Income Tax Rate is a tax collected from individuals in Bosnia and Herzegovina and is levied on several kinds of income such as labor, pensions, interest, and dividends. The Personal Income Tax Rate generates a significant amount of revenue for Bosnia and Herzegovina’s government.

The rate is 10%.

Income tax is levied at a single rate of 10% on all sources of income, including wages, interest, royalties, and capital gains.


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Our accountants can efficiently track all fiscal activities, financial transactions, and business accounts in addition to providing financial forecasting services.


We can assist you with several tax-related difficulties in addition to tax preparation and compliance.

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