Company registration in Bosnia

By forming a corporation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, you may take advantage of the country’s excellent business climate. It is a popular choice among international investors for starting a company because of the 100 percent foreign ownership, tax savings, convenience of doing business, up-scaled business infrastructure, e-governance system, top-class lifestyle, and rising business potential. 

We can help you select the right type of business form for your idea as well as register it swiftly and easily. 

Corporate business structures in Bosnia

Register Limited Liability Company, Joint Stock Company, Branch Office or Holding Company:

Form a company by one of the following types of business structure:

Limited Liability Company

Register Limited Liability Company with us. Discover our LLC services here:

Joint-Stock Company

Joint Stock Companies are the backbone of any economy’s growth; they are the sole type of private limited firm, and they are vital to the economy’s success. We can assist you in establishing your JSC in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Other formation solutions

Branch Office

We can help you set up a branch company that will provide your company with more awareness and brand exposure while also increasing profits.

Holding Company

We form a holding company to help you protect your assets, obtain tax benefits, and other. See our Holding Company solutions:

Company registration requirements

Payment of original capital – The basic capital is paid into a temporary bank account by the founders. This cash is immediately deposited into the company account after the company is registered.

Obtaining a certificate of no tax debt – This document certifies that the founder has no tax or fine debt. This document is no longer required by law because it may be obtained Ex Officio electronically, but it is still used in practice.

The required form is submitted to the Municipality/District commercial court for registration at the competent court (municipality/district commercial court). The court registration procedure for starting a business takes 5 days, according to the law.

Legal adress

Our staff can assist you in locating a strategic company address for your operations.

We give you the information you need to understand a market and how to take advantage of and optimize the opportunities it offers.


Outsource accounting solution in Bosnia. Press the button below to see our bookkeeping solutions:

Corporate bank account

We help you register your business bank account here in Bosnia. Navigate to this page for more details:

Consultation about Company registration

We offer full-service business creation and registration, including the production of Articles of Incorporation and other required legal documents.

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