Business setup in Bosnia

Bosnia and Herzegovina are fast-growing countries that have made incredible strides in strengthening their business climate. Bosnia and Herzegovina have greatly improved their economic environment and provided better circumstances for foreign investors by implementing solid reforms and developing and approving strategy documents, laws, and regulations. Bosnia and Herzegovina encourage foreign investment, particularly when it comes to balancing foreign investors’ rights and obligations with the rights and obligations of local investors.

Business setup solutions

Based on our considerable experience in this field, we give a solid solution for all incorporation, licensing, and other related services.

Document drafting

Our professionals will provide you with correctly drafted documentation for your company’s formation in Bosnia. Experts find all essential information and laws, then use them to create a paper that achieves their project’s needs.

Legal address registration

In compliance with Bosnia law, we swiftly register your address for your business services. Our services are specifically designed to help you achieve enjoyment, progress, and success.

Corporate bank account opening

If you do not already have a corporate bank account in Bosnia, we can help you to open one.

Company registration

Register different corporate structures in Bosnia, including JSC, LLC, holding company, or branch office, with the help of our attorneys. The attorneys gather all relevant documents and submit them to authorities for registration.

We can assist your company with several services, including Company Registration, CSD Registration, VAT Registration, Tax Clearance, BEE, and more.

Business Plan

Entrepreneurs and small business owners, as well as their employees, can benefit from a well-written business plan, to spell out their objectives and track their success as their company grows. Planning is the first thing to do when starting a new business. Business plans are also useful for attracting investors who want to know if your company is on the correct track and worth investing in.

Market research

Market research will allow you to check in with your present and potential clients regularly to ensure that you’re still serving their needs.

Your market research can help you make sure your message reaches your target audience through the channels where they’re most likely to see it.

Inquiring about your target consumers’ issues with competitors’ products or reading their product reviews might help you enhance your products and advertise them to a market that is willing to transfer brands.

Market entry

By expanding your business to other markets, you can reach many new clients and significantly increase your revenue. On the other side, the procedure might be time-consuming and prone to errors. When entering a new market, a market entry plan is a means to increase your chances of success.

Business registration

The experts help you with the vital tasks before registering your company in Bonia, such as deciding on a legal name, establishing a permanent address, and opening a corporate bank account. Experts also provide consultation on budgets and contracts of the corporation.

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Contact us to get access to our company setup services. By forming, a, and administering the market through our specialists, you may get started with your business in only a few days.

Business opportunities in Bosnia

BiH is strategically located at the crossroads of the West and the East, the Mediterranean and the Continent, and is only two hours from major business cities.

BiH enterprises have a long history of successfully participating in international projects all over the world.

BiH’s workforce is well-educated and motivated, with good foreign language abilities.

Bosnia and Herzegovina’s currency is stable and tied to the Euro. Bosnia and Herzegovina’s annual inflation rate is less than 3%.

During importation into EU nations, 95% of BiH products are exempt from all tariffs.

BiH receives trade favorable treatment when exporting its goods to a select group of nations.

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