Business transfer in Bosnia

An alternative to founding a business is to purchase an established company. It is frequently more beneficial than starting from scratch. Every year, around 450,000 enterprises and over two million employees are transferred to new owners. However, up to a third of these transfers may fail. Because both are critical to the EU economy, the European Commission believes that supporting transfers is just as crucial as assisting start-ups.

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Types of business transfers

Transferring ownership to a family member, a non-family member, or disposing of the firm through a sale, management buy-out, management buy-in, or voluntary liquidation are the three primary alternatives.

Transfer business ownership

The transfer of ownership of a company from one person to another is known as a transfer of ownership. Preparing to surrender ownership of a company can be tough for owner-managers, but getting it right is important if the company is to continue to succeed – which is why we’re here.

Transfer business assets

The process of transferring assets from one corporation to another is known as a business asset transfer. The business transfer process is tasking and it can have major financial and legal repercussions if done incorrectly, which is why we’re here.

Transfer business material portion

We ensure that the transfer of material components proceeds smoothly. Our services are tailored to the success of your business.

Transfer agreement and documents

 A Transfer Agreement is designed to give effect to a complete sale of one entity’s assets and liabilities to another entity. It takes the form of a purchase and transfer of ownership agreement, and it contains information on the sale of the company and its assets. 

Some or all the following legal documents may be required to transfer a business: 

  • Agreement on Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure, 
  • Buyer to Fill Out Personal Financial Statement Form, 
  • Purchase Agreement (Offer-to-Purchase), 
  • Seller Financing Note, 
  • A financial statement within the last 3 years, 
  • We help you prepare these documents in a fast and reliable manner. 

Key points of business transfer

Following are the key points one should keep in mind before transferring your business:  

  • Evaluate your company’s financial value, 
  • Receive a proper consultation from experts,  
  • Weigh the pros and cons, 
  • Consider the option that suits your firm the most, 
  • Determine your involvement after reassigning your company, 
  • Get the opinion of your team and inform them about the transmission. 

Transfer business with us

We save the buyer and seller time, money, and costly mistakes by assisting them through each stage of this difficult business transfer process.

Every stage must be meticulously detailed for all parties engaged in the transaction to make informed decisions.

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