Holding Company in Bosnia

A holding company is a corporation that owns stock in a collection of small businesses. As a result, it will be able to create a considerable presence in a variety of business fields. Interfering with their business operations, promulgating policy restrictions, planning retail business, and engaging in commercial trade are all prohibited by the holding company.

Setup a Holding Company

Creating a holding company in Bosnia and Herzegovina can be simple with the right business formation partner.

Holding company formation procedure

Before forming a holding company, you should assess your business needs and be certain of what you expect to gain from them.

Requirements to form a Holding company

You’ll need to provide the state with the business name, the name of the business agent, and the articles of incorporation for your firm. If you haven’t already done so, this is essential for both your holding company and your operational company. The aim, objective, names of officers, and process of business decision-making should all be included in the articles of incorporation.

Necessary documents

List of documents to register holding company in Bosnia: 

  • codes from the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC), 
  • details of the directors – a minimum of one are necessary, 
  • capitalization statement, 
  • Articles of Association and Memorandum. 


We can assist you in preparing these documents. 

Form a Holding company in Bosnia

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Other legal forms in Bosnia

Opening a business in Bosnia and Herzegovina necessitates a thorough awareness of the unique aspects of conducting business in the chosen region.

Limited liability companies, joint-stock companies, and unlimited joint-stock companies are some of the legal structures that can be established in the country.

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