Joint Stock Company in Bosnia

Establishing a Joint Stock Company in Bosnia and Herzegovina involves a series of well-structured procedures. An entrepreneur must register for tax purposes, insurance, and health to get a certificate of function, and the firm must be registered with the Municipal Court. We can provide you with vital information for your JSC start-up.

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Joint Stock Company registration conditions

A Joint Stock Company is a legal entity that is not responsible for the commitments of its shareholders and can be formed by one or more companies.


The entire process takes about 3 months.


The cost of JSC registration in Bosnia depends on various factors. Contact us for detailed information.

Compulsory regulation

The minimum share capital requirement is BAM 50, 000. (25,000 EUR).

Open Joint Stock Company is a legal entity (banks and insurance companies or a company with a minimum initial capital of BAM 4 000 000, i.e., EUR 2 000 000, and at least 40 shareholders) whose shares may be quoted publicly.

Closed Joint Stock Company is a legal entity, the shares of which are distributed among a limited number of shareholders. The minimum initial capital is BAM 50,000 (EUR 25,000).


List of documents required to register JSC: 

  • Memorandum of Association, 
  • The Securities Commission has decided on the successful issuance of shares, 
  • Articles of Association, 
  • Members of the Board of Directors’ location, citizenship, and occupation, as well as statements about their acceptance of the job, 
  • A document showing the names of the Executive director, Secretary, and Auditor, 
  • Payment of the incorporation fees must be documented, 

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JSC have to provide a balance sheet, profit-and-loss account, annexes to the financial statements and management report, which must be approved by the general meeting of shareholders.


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Bank account

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, the great majority of bank accounts will require an initial money outlay to ensure account establishment. This number varies from bank to bank and is also affected by fluctuating currency exchange rates.

Other legal forms in Bosnia

Other types of legal business structures in Bosnia are Limited Liability Company, Branch Office, Holding Company. Press the button below to discover our company registration services:

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