Registration services in Bosnia

We provide corporate registration solutions such as registration of: 

  • company, 
  • virtual office, 
  • trademark, 
  • brand name, 
  • Patent. 

Company registration

When registering a company in in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the process includes a set of well-structured procedures. An entrepreneur must register for tax purposes, insurance, and health to get a certificate of function, and the firm must be registered with the Municipal Court. Press the button below for more details:

Virtual office registration

Obtain the best corporate centers in the capital, as well as operate phone lines and technical assistance in Bosnia. Experts locate the most cost-effective registered virtual offices in the most convenient location for you.

Legal address registration

Each legal entity in Bosnia must have a legal address, according to the law. Although the legislator does not define this phrase, it should be understood that a legal address refers to the location of a legal entity, namely the location of its executive body.

Trademark registration

If you want to register a trademark in Bosnia, our lawyers are ready to provide you with high-quality legal assistance regarding the registration and protection of your rights.

Brand-name registration

Brand naming is professional development of the name of a brand, product, service. Such a name is assigned to your product, it serves the needs of the business: it reveals brand positioning, attracts the attention of consumers, and is remembered by customers. Our company will help you register your name brand in Bosnia.

Patent registration

An EU patent is a cheaper and easier way to obtain protection if the patent is applied for in at least 3-4 European countries. We will be glad to help you with patenting inventions.

Business opportunities in Bosnia

Bosnia and Herzegovina have greatly improved their economic environment and established better circumstances for international investors through strong reforms and the adoption and approval of strategy documents, legislation, and regulations. The country encourages foreign investment, particularly in creating a balance between foreign investors’ rights, obligations, and those of native investors. Bosnia and Herzegovina are fast-growing countries that have made incredible strides in strengthening their business climate. Bosnia and Herzegovina have greatly improved their economic environment and provided better circumstances for foreign investors by implementing solid reforms and developing and approving strategy documents, laws, and regulations.

Business solutions

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